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Wondering what type of Sat Nav is right for your HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle), look no further than Sat Nav Choice as we compare the different types of sat navs on the market so you can make the perfect choice for you.

Sat Navs are a great gadget to own, they are a small device you can put in yourSatNavUttoxetervehicle and allow you to type in the address of the location you are heading to, they will then direct you to your chosen location. Some will even know the local traffic conditions on your route and re-direct you so you avoid the traffic. They boast a large number of advantages, including eliminating the need for you to study a road atlas or learn your route using Google Maps or any other online mapping software. We have created this website to help you choose the perfect top of the range sat nav for you, comparing the different features of each individual sat nav, so you know what you are getting.


HGVs, Trucks & Lorries

When using a Sat Nav in a HGV (heavy goods vehicle), the device must take into account the variousatnav_windscreens attributes of your vehicle, such as the weight, height, width and length and in some cases, whether you are carrying hazardous materials. The reason is that there are many roads in the UK that do not allow HGVs and lorries to travel down. Luckily on sat nav devices that have been designed for these types of vehicles, you can enter the dimensions of your vehicle and the device will ensure it does not route you down a restricted road. Many sat navs come with other great features for the professional trucker including the option of installing and viewing a reverse camera, and specific POIs (Points of Interest), such as truck stops, for example.



Sat Navs Brands & Types

There are so many different types of sat navs out there, Tom Tom and Garmin are the most common types of sat navs you will find on the market, and Binatone are another brand that you will find. This site focuses on sat navs for HGVs (Heavy Good Vehicles) such as trucks and lorries. We ensure that everything you could want to know about a sat nav, can be found on this website to save you looking elsewhere. On our product pages we have a link in the description to purchase the product from Amazon.


Using Your Phone


Most, if not all modern smartphones have GPS capabilities, and therefore can be used as a sat nav, however what some people may not realise is that as you are using your phone as a sat nav, you are using data, and if your tariff does not have unlimited data, you will be using up data that could be used better elsewhere. If you go over your limit you will probably end up being charged extra by your mobile phone network and this can be very expensive.


Even if you do have unlimited data, you still need to have a good, fast internet connection for your phone to operate as a sat nav effectively, and while this may work fine in urban areas, it probably won’t work well in rural areas. Actual proper sat navs work by satellites in space which have full coverage across the entire country, so you will always have a signal. Therefore it is most definitely advisable to use an actual sat nav over your phone.

Battery Life

Battery life is another disadvantage to using your phone as a sat nav, the screen will need to be switched on continuously, as well as using an Internet feature, all of this is going to seriously drain your battery and could even damage the battery over the long term. This in itself proves that using a dedicated sat nav device will be alot cheaper.



Sat Navs have been around for quite a while now, and as with any product, they have come down in price vastly and they are not expensive at all by today’s standards. The prices of sat navs vary from around 30 at the cheapest up to about 300 at the most expensive. It really depends on the sort of features you want, and the point of this website is to give you all the information you need before you make a decision.